Research has shown that healthier relationships help with nevertheless health, especially when it comes to mental and physical also- getting. Nevertheless, a good relation looks diverse for all. It depends on the certain individuals involved in the relationship and the latest needs of that handful, says Pepper Schwartz, emeritus professor of sociology at the university of Washington and writer of the novel guide” Romance Rx”. While some experts share red flags that indicate unhealthy relationships, others highlight green flags that signal a healthy one.

One important sign of a healthy relationship is communication, according to Verywell Mind. This includes being able to openly discuss your feelings and needs, as well as listening actively. It’s also important for couples to respect each other’s privacy and space. For example, if you are saving for a big purchase, your partner should support that goal and not try to stop you or sabotage your plans.

Another key sign of a healthy relationship is that you both value each other’s independence and respect your individual interests, says Lindsey Antin, therapist and co- author of the upcoming” Healthy Relationships”. She adds that a healthy relationship will allow you to spend time with friends outside of the partnership, as well as enjoy hobbies and activities on your own.

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