Men’s Running Shoes Lightweight


Rubber sole
【Breathable mesh shoe upper】 The upper is made of mesh material, which is lightweight and breathable, which can effectively exhaust the air in the shoe.
【MD damping soft soles]】The soles are MD popcorn soles with good elasticity and flexibility, and are energy-efficient to cushion the impact from the ground. The uneven texture pattern can play a role in non-slip.
【Skin-friendly lining】Comfortable and breathable, air circulation in the shoes, easy foot feeling, comfortable walking.
【Lightweight shoe body】 The shoes are very light, so you will not get tired for a long time, and the shoe body is soft and durable, can be bent at will, stylish and unique, safe and durable.
【Suitable scene】 Suitable for parties, sports, running, gym, tennis, exercise, nursing, casual, sports, etc.



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